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Is anyone else cold?

Coming from a bit further south of here I'm still not used to the winter months and although we're moving steadily towards Spring, there seems to be a persistent chill in the air. Hence the amount of clothing I need to wear when heading out for a...see more

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How to get to The Old Piggery…

... because we are on a farm and while we are just off the A6, alas, it's not quite as easy as chucking the postcode into the satnav. When you book online we try to make sure all the info you need to find us is sent. Unfortunately this sometimes goes...see more

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Welcome to 2018!

Wowee! I can't believe we're here in 2018 already (as I'm sure I've probably said when it was 2017 and will do when it becomes 2019!). So off we go again... merrily making breakfast and welcoming people to our little spot in Bedfordshire. Seven years...see more

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