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We get a variety of breakfast requests from our guests, from small continental, vegan, vegetarian, to the full monty. Watch this space for some of our offerings. A variety of...see more

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April 2017

Wowee!! Where did winter go? 2017 is flying by and a walk around West Park Farm in last weekend's sunshine was a joy. We're looking at offering some new activities here at The Old Piggery so watch this space for more details. Don't forget, if you...see more

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For Our Guests

Since we opened we have been blessed with a variety of visitors who are courteous, polite, interesting and varied, and it’s been a pleasure meeting to have them stay. There’ll always be a few exceptions but compared to some of the horror stories...see more

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Let’s open a B&B in Bedfordshire

How many times did we mull this idea over? When we finally took the plunge to open The Old Piggery in Mid Bedfordshire I don’t think we ever fully understood what to expect. The people you meet are way, way more interesting and fun than you might...see more

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I’d never cooked a full English breakfast

I’m not quite sure what we were thinking when we decided to open this wonderful (??) place... I’d never cooked a “full English” and the fear that descended was so immense I don’t think I’ve ever recovered. However, it has proved to be a good...see more

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