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Spring is coming…

Back again! The sun continues to shine and our yurts are buzzing with happy guests... who are happy as a pig in muck. The views are fab, whatever the weather, and you can see as far as the awesome Cardington Hangars (or are they now Cardington...see more

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Fab Feb?

Well where on earth did January go?! And how many people really did Dry January? Or even more obscure.... JanuHairy?! No comment on that one... So February might be Fab Feb? Because presently I’m looking at a glorious sunny day and so far this...see more

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Is anyone else cold?

Coming from a bit further south of here I'm still not used to the winter months and although we're moving steadily towards Spring, there seems to be a persistent chill in the air. Hence the amount of clothing I need to wear when heading out for a...see more

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How to get to The Old Piggery…

... because we are on a farm and while we are just off the A6, alas, it's not quite as easy as chucking the postcode into the satnav. When you book online we try to make sure all the info you need to find us is sent. Unfortunately this sometimes goes...see more

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Welcome to 2018!

Wowee! I can't believe we're here in 2018 already (as I'm sure I've probably said when it was 2017 and will do when it becomes 2019!). So off we go again... merrily making breakfast and welcoming people to our little spot in Bedfordshire. Seven years...see more

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We get a variety of breakfast requests from our guests, from small continental, vegan, vegetarian, to the full monty. Watch this space for some of our offerings. A variety of...see more

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April 2017

Wowee!! Where did winter go? 2017 is flying by and a walk around West Park Farm in last weekend's sunshine was a joy. We're looking at offering some new activities here at The Old Piggery so watch this space for more details. Don't forget, if you...see more

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For Our Guests

Since we opened we have been blessed with a variety of visitors who are courteous, polite, interesting and varied, and it’s been a pleasure meeting to have them stay. There’ll always be a few exceptions but compared to some of the horror stories...see more

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Let’s open a B&B in Bedfordshire

How many times did we mull this idea over? When we finally took the plunge to open The Old Piggery in Mid Bedfordshire I don’t think we ever fully understood what to expect. The people you meet are way, way more interesting and fun than you might...see more

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I’d never cooked a full English breakfast

I’m not quite sure what we were thinking when we decided to open this wonderful (??) place... I’d never cooked a “full English” and the fear that descended was so immense I don’t think I’ve ever recovered. However, it has proved to be a good...see more

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