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16th February 2019

Fab Feb?

Well where on earth did January go?! And how many people really did Dry January? Or even more obscure…. JanuHairy?! No comment on that one…

So February might be Fab Feb? Because presently I’m looking at a glorious sunny day and so far this week it’s a theme. We’re seeing some beautiful sunrises as our guests are tucking into their breakfast so everyone’s leaving with a smile.

January at The Old Piggery was mostly spent working out what will be happening over the next 12 months and what we can bring to our guests. At the moment we’re doing some essential maintenance and will be posting our new and improved car park and planting efforts very soon. We’re also setting up packages to any businesses looking to have meetings here. It’s a unique location and so far we’ve had fantastic feedback and the clients have been returning each year.

There are loads of local events coming up so if you’re planning to attend any, please look us up or get in touch and we’d love to have you come and stay. The list is ever growing and fingers crossed that the weather will oblige and we can all have some fun!

Farming-wise, we’re gearing up to get these fields nice and healthy and get the rest of the seed in the ground. It’s great seeing some wide, green, open fields. Probably best to get the farmer to add more to this as after many years residing here I’m still not up to speed with the whole process, which I probably shouldn’t admit to!

Before I sign off to do some more child distribution/collection over the half term drive-fest, just a reminder that Thursday nights have a reduced rate on single room to £50.00 and our yurts are open for business for any getaways you might need. Very cosy and lots of fun if you need to escape for a short (or long?!) break.

Bye for now,


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