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9th March 2016

For Our Guests


Since we opened we have been blessed with a variety of visitors who are courteous, polite, interesting and varied, and it’s been a pleasure meeting to have them stay.

There’ll always be a few exceptions but compared to some of the horror stories I’ve heard over the years from other owners, we’ve been incredibly lucky. It’s very hard to make sure we thank all of them but if any are reading this, we’ll never be able to thank you enough for coming to stay. And the various little gifts and thoughtful items left with us have been unexpected, greatly appreciated – and at times, quite overwhelming.

To that end, we do our best to maintain the standards we strive for and all comments that we receive regarding areas for improvement we seek to address as quickly as possible. Having influences from both England and Australia, and having worked in and around the hospitality industry, it helps to be constantly reminded of what works and what doesn’t. Although any feedback we get directly from guests is so very welcome.

Trip Advisor has been a godsend for us, as well as all the websites where reviews are left, Late Rooms and the like.

So again, thank you to our most valued guests, both past and present, and hopefully we can continue providing accommodation which is both of a high standard and value for money. If you are looking for other ways of contacting us, you can do this via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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