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30th January 2015

I’d never cooked a full English breakfast

I’m not quite sure what we were thinking when we decided to open this wonderful (??) place… I’d never cooked a “full English” and the fear that descended was so immense I don’t think I’ve ever recovered. However, it has proved to be a good incentive, firing me up and ultimately helping to maintain standards. The adrenaline is a bit of a buzz, but when you want every breakfast you cook to be perfect the pressure gets a bit intense.

When you put yourself out there for potential criticism it will always feel very personal if you get any complaints. Food is such a individual thing and the results of cooking can be so varied! Luckily there haven’t been many complaints so far but there’s always the possibility… Once again, fear and terror of ruining someone’s stay most definitely keeps you on your toes. What does help immensely is the quality of where you get your products. Our local farm shop, Woburn Foods, has been a truly wonderful place with the most delicious array of meat and various accompaniments you might like for a good brekkie.

We’ve been extremely lucky to have them so close. Another supplier, Davidjon Butchers in Bedford, has also been superb, again for the selection they provide. All our guests regularly comment on the meat and eggs we serve – very thankfully, that’s for sure. Why not come and stay and see for yourself? A tasty breakfast will always set you up well for the day, especially after a good night’s sleep!! Visit our website and contact us now, www.theoldpiggerybandb.co.uk. Hope we see you soon!

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