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30th January 2015

Let’s open a B&B in Bedfordshire

How many times did we mull this idea over? When we finally took the plunge to open The Old Piggery in Mid Bedfordshire I don’t think we ever fully understood what to expect. The people you meet are way, way more interesting and fun than you might have ever thought (never really quite knowing the type of person who visits the area) and that despite the hard work – and it is properly hard work, physical and mental – it’s a very rewarding business to undertake.


Obviously the basic idea of running a b&b means having to provide paying guests with somewhere to sleep, a decent breakfast and to look after them for a bit. The reality is that in spite of the enormous amount of technology available and modern everything, what it comes down to is that people still want to feel like human beings. After a long day or night, the bathrooms need to work, the beds should be super comfy, and there should be tea and coffee making facilities. But if they also feel the owners genuinely welcome them and want to sincerely offer them a place to relax, and have considered the decor accordingly – hand-chosen furnishings, personal touches, clean linen – it will mean that little bit more. Of course, value for money also comes into it – as indeed it should!

From feedback we get, the biggest gripe about staying at other b&b’s or faceless chain hotels/accommodation, many are not treated as people but a number… in another number, having booked by numbers and letters via a screen, and often not having any human contact throughout the booking process. Sometimes even during the visit there is little contact with anyone, unless it’s to ask them to please be quiet, find out how to open a window, or where they might get something to eat…. then having the right change for another machine to dispense a plastic bag with a rubber sandwich.


For all of us at The Old Piggery, we enjoy meeting all the people who visit us and will do our best to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The most important thing is to be able to provide our guests with a decent breakfast, a comfortable night’s sleep, plumbing that works – properly! – and a clean relaxing environment. There’s always going to be the odd hiccup but we’ll always do our best and try and provide each person who stays with us the best service possible. Yes it sounds so cheesy but it’s not really…. The bottom line is that if you’re paying for a service the provider should pay attention to what it is they’re selling and make sure it gets done right, or at least with the very best intentions.

To see more about The Old Piggery in Bedfordshire, visit us at twitter, find out what our guests think at tripadvisor and see full details on wwww.theoldpiggerybandb.co.uk. Telephone number 01234 742142. We’d love to hear from you. Happy travelling!!


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