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6th February 2018

Welcome to 2018!

Wowee! I can’t believe we’re here in 2018 already (as I’m sure I’ve probably said when it was 2017 and will do when it becomes 2019!). So off we go again… merrily making breakfast and welcoming people to our little spot in Bedfordshire. Seven years and so far so good, and while I’m still nervous about cooking breakfast – watching re-runs of Four in a Bed is doing me no favours at all – my poached egg disasters are becoming fewer and fewer. We try and do maintenance over the slower weeks and have replaced the flooring in our disabled room which looks and works much better now. It’s also time for a good look around to see anywhere/anything which needs a little refreshing. We also are looking into some diversification and using the wonderful space we have. One of our ideas is to host small meetings for companies, team building days and suchlike, so watch this space. Plus, we looking to being hosting a supper club every few months. We are lucky enough to have a supersonic cook, local girl Tracey, helping us to develop menus etc as well as a wonderful local wine shop, Cambridge Wines, in Ampthill, the beautiful little market town which is fab to visit and do some shopping (try my best not to get too carried away!!). There may be some more ideas but probably best to start with these. As always, our wonderful regulars make this job extremely worthwhile and so very enjoyable – always necessary to have a good laugh, whatever you do. Thinking positively, 2018 will be a great year and hopefully it won’t go by too quickly as an awful lot to do! Bye for now, Rachel

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